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Booking & Audition Info

:Booking & Auditions:

Demos & Auditions:
* Voice and Video Demos Avialable for view/play.
* Ablity to send in Video Auditions Via Email or Mail.
* In Person Auditions (where possible).
* Live Auditions via Youtube, Skype, or Facebook video.
* Voice Demos avialable, Home recording studio & Audio software, FTP, Skype, Discord, Voice auditions can be sent via email. Voice Info...

Avialable For:
* Flim, Tv, Commercials, Indies & Shorts
* Voice Acting/ADR/DUB
* Print & Commercial Modeling
* Promotional Jobs/Brand Ambassador
* Hair Modeling / Hair Shows
* Costume Appearances (limited appearances)

* Open/Flexible with notice.
* Day,Night,Weekdays or weekends.
* Full-Time Actor/Entertainer.
* Give 3 days to a week notice of needed scheduling.(If possible)

* Located In Texas.
* Permanet housing & can be hired as a local for both Austin & Houston,Tx areas.
* Willing to Travel.

* Please give 3 days to a week notice (where possible) of Auditions & filmings,etc.

* Rates Open to dicussion.

Agency Representation:
* Please email : Contact@LanaMarieLive.com
Agent Info.

Wardrobe & Makeup:
* Extensive Wardrobe of diffrent Costumes,Time Period, Modern Wear,Etc. As well as can make a special outfit.
* Can do own makeup if desired, but Makeup Artists are still welcomed.
* Self Taught Makeup artist & Costume Designer.

* Current Hair: Brown
* Open to: Cut, Growing Out, color, styling, and wigs.
* Owns several wigs & contact lenses in diffrent colors.

Extra Skills:
* Stage Combat /Martial Arts Basics
* Karate /Kick Boxing Basics
* Boe staf Basics
* Sports: Basketball & Trac
* Costume maker
go to Resume for more:

Costume Design for YOUR Film, Shoot, or Project:
* Send me an email!
* If you know this information: Email details, Sizes, Example shots,Your City/State area.